Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. I am honestly so relaxed right now. The lady and her family were kind enough to let me tag along for another Fourth of July weekend. It included everything I needed; boating, sun and friends. I can't complain, although my diet did fall off the wagon a bit ( I am too weak for delicious cake and Fritos!) I am on week three of Insanity, the results thus far have been great and I am hoping to show everyone my progress by the end. Other than that not much to report like I said I am relaxed which is why I goes on teh vacation. Uhmerika!

Here are your highlights:

Arizona you have been served

Oh the blogosphere how I missed you

Free Agent Bonanza! Looks the Bulls are fishing for Boozer would make sense that a man with the last name Boozer would end up in the city with the best bars in the U.S.

No surprise here, Scientists did the right thing during "Climategate"

Reid 1 Angle - 1000

Stupid meet Stupider. Any Democrats agreeing to slashing benefits or changing the retirement age need a quick kick in the...

Want to know why our economy is still stagnant? Assholes, that is why. When an Nobel-Prize economist states fact and or shares his opinion it is prefaced with "he is so liberal." When a Wall St. insider doesn't want his bonuses touched because he wants to piss on the poor, it is treated as fact and wisdom. Our media doesn't help one damn bit.



Paddy K said...

First comment in a while...

The retirement age will have to be raised eventually, although (I can't believe I'm sayin this) I agree with Pelosi that retirement benefits shouldn't be on the chopping block first. Phasing in a later retirement date could be done, but only very gradually and in consultation with medical experts on life expectancy and quality. Creating metrics with regards to industrial standards -- harder physical work gets an earlier retirement -- isn't a bad idea either. As people live longer and stay healthy longer, we're going to have to adjust.

Asian-American Pundit said...

As you say, it shouldn't be on the chopping block at this point. Hence it is stupid for any Democrat trumpeting the changes hastily.