Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

It has been a heckuva busy day today. So alas my Dunkin comes mid-day. Consider it a mid-day distraction. Drinking Liberally tonight, so get your butts to Sheffield's for some boozing and some liberal rage. Our trusting leader Justin Krebs will be in attendance and promoting his new book "538 Ways to Live, Work and Play like a Liberal." Should be a blast, plus I haven't been there in about a month and I FUGGIN RAGIN BITCHES!

Here are your highlights:

Boehner with a bonehead idea: No regulations

If only I had been at Comic-Con

Paul Ryan - Hooverism!

The Palin Touch

Major Nom Nom Nom - Sprinkles Cupcakes opens a store in Chicago

The Blago Trial gets interesting as his lawyer goes BIG and isn't going home


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