Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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It is Tuesday which means tomorrow is Wednesday which means the next day after that is Thursday which means after Thursday there is FRIDAY!!! See how I did that? That's called positive thinking? Apparently no one in America is positive about a damn thing, so they blame Obama for everything. Well if you read the headlines and polls today. Grant it, America hates Congress much worse and the GOP worse than that, but want the GOP to run Congress. So what does that mean? Well we are all screwed. Or perhaps people need to call teh Congress and tell them to pass a jobs bill, a financial reform bill and oh how about some more stimulus? Throw in some immigration reform on the side why dontcha? The only way out of the democracy is to use it to its advantage.

Here are your highlights:

Hugging Asians

Don't Drill Baby...at least for a lil while

Tea Party responds to the NAACP "I know you are, but what am I?"

Mediaite punching babies in the face

The fight for Playboy is heating up!

Eric Cantor the Biggest Wanksta thus far in regards to the Stimulus
. Can anyone, I mean uhnee1 be so blatantly hypocritical??!!! Look for those of you just tuning in the Stimulus worked. The GOP keeps saying it didn't, but then use the funds to promote jobs fairs and touts its success all under the guise of their own achievement. It's ridickelefuggous.


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Hi Frank,

Thanks for including huggingasians.com but I'm unsure if being included in this list is a good thing:). I'd love to hear your thoughts on huggingasians and its next step, ORIENT: