Monday, July 12, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Well what did I miss? World Cup? Boxing? Nope saw those and although the final was underwhelming Fight Night was fantastic! Juan Manuel Lopez puts on a heckuva show, even if it was only two rounds. In other news I started week four of INSANITY today. I woke up early and tried to do the morning workout thing. Not sure how people do it. I spent most of the workout trying to come to. The whole time I felt I was half awake, but I was sweating and huffing and puffing, so I assume I got my work in. I get to go in late to work today. Probably will do the following: nothing. LOL. The lady starts her new job today, send positive thoughts her way!

Here are your highlights:

Arne Duncan: Schools need funding

Shouldn't the rich pay higher taxes?

Teabaggers need training before they are let outside again

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

FACT CHECK! The sad state of the morning shows, thank god for Rachel Maddow

The Feckless Fed
: Bernanke I am told is a genius. I am still awaiting a single stroke of genius. Unemployment 9.7%, Private sector isn't hiring (except his Wall St. buddies), State budgets in disarray - all in all he is doing a bang up job. How someone can warn of Japan like deflation and then let it happen is genius beyond my simpletons don't get it. Still it's the economy stupid and millions of people are hanging by a thread. 1937.



Ebony Goddess said...

Oh Rachel Maddow, if I were into women, I'd definately swing her way.(lol) She is such an awesome talent and I'm glad she's on air.

Asian-American Pundit said...

I agree. She is fantastic and one of the few bright spots in journalism these days.