Friday, July 30, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Friday ya'll! It is a muggy day out and I am in a muggy mood. I had to drop off Lil Sis Frank at the airport before dawn. Swore I was going to get jumped by some Vampires. Didn't happen, but I saw a homeless guy sleeping on a bench near my lady's place. Close enough. I didn't get much sleep, so doubling up on the coffee is going to be key. I don't have much else to add that's how out of it I am...except RAGE THE EFF ON WEINER!!! More of this please! This is what gets Frank juiced and jonesing to punch out juiceheads for acting a fool on the boardwalk. RAGE against, lying and conniving Republicans on the House floor. Someone has to call out these asshats. Heading to the boat this weekend should be fantastic.

Here are your highlights:

A Democrat's Ethics Probe vs. A Republican's Criminal Probe...wonder which one you hear about more on teh oh so librul mediduh

What is going to happen to the Bush Tax Cuts? More importantly the consequence of keeping them.

Abortions are a privilege of the rich only

It's the ECONOMY stupids

Phytoplankton Dammerung. Another side of effect of the non-existent Global Climate Change. P.S. Al Gore is fat....we are doomed.

This weekend "Baby Bull" Juan Diaz goes to battle with Juan Manuel Marquez in highly anticipated rematch. I have followed Baby Bull's career since he was just a "chubby prospect" going to get his degree while going on a title run. Even then the kid seemed to have his head on right. I think it is too early to write him off, however his lead by example approach should be trumpeted by any writer, commentator or fan of boxing. A pugilist lawyer who held championship belts, not many can say they have accomplished either in their entire lives let alone at 26 years old. Gonna be a heckuva a fight!


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