Friday, July 2, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Friday is here Uhmerika! Hooray! The lady and I are going to get one more workout in and then head out on the road to Central Illinois. Green Acres is the place to be! It will hopefully be clear sailing on the road as we plan on leaving late tonight. Yes I am stuck in the office AND IF YOU HAVE THE DAY OFF DON'T THROW IT BACK IN MY FACE PLEASE! I rage sorry. Last night was great as it was a recovery day and the lady and I hung out with our dear friends who introduced us to their parents. It was a lovely time where we learned of old people's affection for Chicago and Earth, Wind and Fire. I did break down and have a glass or two of wine and let me tell you something. I AM A LIGHTWEIGHT NOW! WHAT?! This workout has been great and has no turned me into a weak drinker. Oh well I guess that means I will save myself some money in the long run. What's everyone doing this weekend? No matter what be safe and rock the eff out my fellow Uhmerikans!

Here are your highlights:

Coheed & Cambria - Year of the Black Rainbow Paperback Edition

Remember they call it

So You Think You Can Dance
. I normally don't link to this stuff, but dude this Alex kid is silly.

Because why the hell not, Waffles on a Stick

Wall St Reform gets its final push

While we send $30 billion more dollars to an Endless War. The world's ruling elite are stuck chasing Austerity and its mythos. After the latest unemployment report has been released, it has become even more clear that the administration and Congress has a Decision to Make. It's a pretty easy one, doing nothing, tightening our belts, deficit hawking all are not an option. But will anyone lead us out of this recession or send us further back into it?


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