Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

All right people listen up! INSANITY!!! It is time for me and my lady to go insane. Insane workouts that is! What does that mean? Well if we do officially start it (still trying to decide a good start date) I will most likely be giving you weekly updates on my progress. The reason I am leaning towards Insanity over P90x is because I canceled my gym membership and have no means to have weights or pull up bars or any of that nonsense. Insanity is just you kicking your own ass. Exciting, right? I am going to hate it all by day two guaranteed.

Here are your highlights:

Democrats get balls and pull a parliamentary trick of their own to pass a Science/Jobs bill

Maybe just maybe when the oil hits Florida BP will care speaking of which BP you have been served

Wasting DHS time

Mark Kirk lying about his military service even more than we thought, but still not sure why

What Congress doesn't get: The Deficit is not a bigger problem than our current unemployment and potential teacher layoffs

The Year of the Black Republican wasn't last night.


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