Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Yesterday was awesome. Every Monday should be a half day all summer long. The lady and I arrived at the She & Him concert early, so we were able to snag decent space for our friends. It turned out to be a smart move as people crowded the field in their indie/emo/hipster/mymomdidnthugmeenough street wear. And although someone in front of us decided they needed a chair instead of blanket and that they would stand on said chair...we all had a splendid time. The band sounded great. The weather was just right. Overall a success. Tonight is Drinking Liberally and since it is raining in Chicago I am certain we all be drab and full of pessimism. OH JOY!

Here are your highlights:

Apple is afraid of the Chinese people

Go Hawks Go!

Primary Day, what will the results be? And uh about those teabaggers...

Priests need lovin' too

Ben Bernanke way too okay with "meh." In a fair world people like Bernanke and Greenspan would have to suffer through poverty as prerequisite to being Chairman of the Fed.

Obama said the words "kick" & "ass" the media will now discuss this for the rest of the week. *Sigh What they should be paying attention to is more off shore drilling being reopened. ARE YOU FUGGIN KIDDING ME?!!! I get it people need to be employed, but this shouldn't be the first thing on the list. Geez la frigging weez. Still not getting it.


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