Friday, June 4, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Happy Two Year Anniversary to my lady! That's right she has dealt with this ninja of unbridled rage without contempt (with much adoration really) for two years now. God bless her and God bless America. I am a lucky man and tonight we are hoping to swing by Tango Sur the place of our very first date. I know HOW ROMANTIC! This weekend should be fun, we are meeting up with old friends, stopping by a BBQ for a graduation celebration and on Sunday I will be filming pick-ups for a short film. Wooha I got it all in check! On a side note Obama has canceled his trip to Asia to deal with the BP Oil Spill. I don't know what people expect him to do, but it reminds me of the Incredibles and the amazing moment above.

Here are your highlights:

Congrats Elmhurst, IL! Porn search capital of the U.S.

Israel reaction: The only constant is Tribalism

If I never hear "Drill baby, drill" again. I will be a happy man, disgustingly I probably won't as long as BP is making a hot profit.

Cotto v Foreman. It is Foreman's to lose.

U.S. Jobs Report Disappoints. Yes the unemployment rate is down, barely, but labor participation was down and doesn't look promising. The difficult part is everyone acts like they don't know what to do or that this wasn't predictable. I have heard many conservatives over the past year pretend the private sector is the way to turn around our economy, but now as they realize the private sector cannot get us out of this mess alone; they get mad at the wrong people. They are conflicted wanting the government to do more, however knowing it contradicts their ideology. It is time for everyone, not just conservatives, to get their heads out of the sand. The only mechanism to combat our unemployment rate is government action. Congress won't admit it. Republicans can't grasp it. The Dems who understand it are too scared. The administration won't stomach it. The reality is that this report sucks, but doing nothing will suck even more because come November people will be chanting for Tax Cut Fairies and no amount of clapping will save us.


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