Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Woah. 9% beer snuck up on me last night. We had a small group, but great conversations at last night's Drinking Liberally. There was great weather, so we sat outside and talked BP Oil Spill, the Damn Dems and left concluding yet again we are all screwed. Oh and that the Republican Party is full of complete and utter whack-jobs. One more day and then off to Washington D.C. and wedding time! I am personally working on my krumping, believe that!

Here are your highlights:

The Republicans "Speaking Out" campaign backfires with hilarity

Who does Rasmussen work for?

Bring on the Bank Tax

The lost cause of bipartisanship proved by the GOP

South Korea and North Korea on the brink of war...

Well if you want to know how far Arizona's Governor would like to is to infinity and BEYOND!! This might be the craziest thing I have read by a sitting Governor in a long long long time. Jan Brewer requested drone attacks for border control. Let me state that again, this is not a joke, DRONE ATTACKS FOR BORDER CONTROL!!! What kind of sick individual thinks that is a good idea. Apparently the paranoid and inept Governor of Arizona.


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