Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Drinking Liberally last night was full on liberal rage. It was fantastic. Beers clanked. Voices raised. I am almost certain someone puked in or around our vicinity before we even arrived (gotta love those hawks fans). All in all an at times heated discussion which inevitably lead to the conclusion that we are fucked. As a country. As citizens in this country. Teh crazy is too ridiculous and unfortunately Obama is not the trans-formative president needed to combat the onslaught of nuts. (insert sigh here) But we did have a jolly good time! Hooray for that and no worries we will stage rage the f on while consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

Here are your highlights:

Progressives are making headway in Financial Reform. Bout time.

Congrats to Chef Rick Bayless, who will be preparing the meals for the next White House state dinner. The lady and I were lucky enough to visit his restaurant Topolobampo in April. Amazing.

Did Obama choose himself for the Supreme Court?

Rep. Steve King gives cannon-fodder to anti-heterosexual activists

Media-duh, What Oil Spill?

Manny Pacquiao won his election and is electing to fight in November. Hopefully that is enough time for him and Mayweather to negotiate through their egos and make the biggest event in decades to occur. HOPEFULLY, it will be a monumental fight.


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