Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Battle Royale. Tonight is going to be an epic battle of wonkdom. Drinking Liberally will pit Kagan skeptics vs. Kagan sympathizers vs. Booze. The winner takes all. Ok it really won't be epic. Nor will it be a battle royale, but it will be a fun filled debate. Remember Drinking Liberally Chicago is at Sheffield's on the North Side of Chi-City. 7pm is the start time, latras on the menjay...

Here are your highlights:

New Miranda Law? The terrorists are winning...sorry that's "conservatives"

The Tax Tea Party, still a joke

Untangling Europe's "Web of Debt" (h/t Paddy K)

It's heating up! Sestak and Specter the primary slugfest

Space Slug the oven mitt

More on Elena Kagan. A calm approach by Benen. Ed say Jane follow. And one of the more thorough analysis of Kagan by Big Tent Democrat at Talk Left. The guys there have also included more links, updates and pointed out a plus from her nomination. There has been an honest debate amongst progressives.


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