Thursday, May 27, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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Well I am off to the DC metropolitan area tonight with my lady and my little sister. We all were lucky enough to book the same flight and will be converging on Chicago's Midway airport later today. Good news about this trip is I GOT MY MONEY! Yes the good ole gubbament gave me my refund. It wasn't all that much, but sure is nice to have in my dwindling bank account. Much to look forward to; seeing old friends, a wedding of a long time family friend, Virginia pollen , and hanging out with the family. I am psyched! It is gonna be a silly weekend.

Here are your highlights:

36 Points

It is called a military industrial complex. Any questions?

Unemployed still high...wonder when someone will notice....

The key to combating the Robot Apocalypse, BREAK THEIR FRIGGIN LEGS!

The GOP hates teh gay so much they won't support war funding. Zealots.

Blanche Lincoln brings the weak sauce

Operation "Top Kill" was implemented yesterday as an Armageddon type approach to stopping the BP oil spill. Early indicators are that is might be working...the damage has already been done though as an entire ecosystem seems to be damaged for good. Maybe now we can get comprehensive energy policy passed. This just in: BP & the WH has their scapegoat


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