Thursday, May 13, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

So yesterday I got sick. Out of nowhere and honestly I still feel like crap. My stomach is queezy and I fear it is something worse than a 24 bug. This weekend I am heck of busy. Lil Sis Frank comes into to town on a school/business trip. I may or may not be involved in new project. Not to mention writing, acting, performing, running the world and most importantly NEW COMICS! I picked up Ex-Machina in trade format. I find the experience to be more fitting for the type of book it is and an awesome book at THAT. I was also given as a gift, Green Lantern: Rebirth, which filled in a little gap in my Hal Jordan time line. Must say it is a quite satisfying read.

Here are your highlights:

Flooding is hitting Illinois It's fugging Mid-May.

Why doesn't Washington D.C. care about the unemployed?

The Washington Post dives further into Politico territory

Criminal charges likely in Oil Spill

Arrrghhhhhhh. Strategery!

Primary losses for incumbents. It is a sheer sign that unless the Democrats seize opportunities and appeal to those still struggling. November will be a disaster and bring the most polarized Congress ever.


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