Thursday, May 6, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Last night was a fantastic evening of liberalism and comedy. My lady was kind enough to accompany me as we laughed at the Accountants of Homeland Security, marveled at a magician and looked awestruck at the walking Wikipedia Rick Perlstein. All in all a great event. I happened to go fanboy and noticed Rick Perlstein sliding out of the event. Yes I had to grab my copy of Nixonland and get it signed. He happily obliged and offered me one of the best lines I have heard in a while. As I asked for him to sign the book, I went to grab a pen and he said "that's ok I have one, I am a writer." Simply put and with a smile, he couldn't be more correct. I just recently picked up Nixonland and it epic is length, but read as a novel. I highly recommend it.

Here are your highlights:

Toxic Oil Dispersant Used in Gulf Despite Better Alternative

I'm so old I can remember when Bloc Party was the next "great" band...sigh

Financial Regulation Update
, Audit the Damn Fed already guys COME ON!

Machida more prepared this time for Shogun

With more info being released about the Time Square bomber it has become clear how Irrational Our Congress truly is at this time in our history

Jobless claims fell for the third straight week
. Not out of the clear and again being relatively mull about an unemployment rate of around 9-10% is unconscionable.


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