Monday, May 24, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Wow that's a lot of family! Wow there were babies! Wow that Staples commercial is even annoying when typed. So the lady and I had a fantastically short, but lovely trip to Central Illinois. We were able to meet both newborn babies and enjoy time with her now exxxteeennnndedddd family. In other news my team lost, but they are young so we will live to fight another day! Oh and we signed Ribery another five years. This week will be hopefully quick. I am off to DC this weekend for a family friend's wedding. Toats pumped. And you know the lady and I will be cutting up the dancing floor!

Here are your highlights:

Financial Regulation still not enough

It won't and it can't, but someone please MAKE IT STOP!

When the WSJ debunks must be a hack

Yesterday, in case you missed it, was Happy Turtle Day

More anti-incumbent behavior from voters
. This time in Colorado. It is getting mismashed by the media, the trend however is that Republican voters are increasingly ousting incumbents with a tea party lack of substance, while Democratic voters are trying to find more progressive voices.


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