Monday, May 3, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Wow. I got a great lady! This weekend was full of early birthday surprises from my lady. We decided to head to teh IKEA and teh mall (suburbia how scary) on Saturday where she decided to purchase a couple of early gifts for me. Pretty awesome. By the time night rolled around, I was scuttling about attempting to figure out how I would watch the Mayweather v. Mosley fight. LADY CAME THROUGH AGAIN. She allowed me to order the pay-per-view, then a couple of apartment buddies came up to watch and she ordered pizza. We all sipped booze, watched (and yelled) the fight while laughing about WWE and the Miz. Fantastic. I mean what can I say for me the weekend was perfect thanks to her. Can you tell I am easily satisfied?

Here are your highlights:

Police seek man behind Times Square attempting bombing

I have said it before, conservatives don't have a good sense of humor and either does the press corps

The Monday Mailbag after Mayweather beats Mosley

Happy APA Heritage Month

In a F-U moment, Conan talks to 60 minutes

The spill that keeps on spilling. And the "Obama's Katrina" thing is the oddest critique from our waaaay liberal media. Is it really that hard to criticize the oil industry?


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