Friday, May 21, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Holy crap it's Friday and that means tomorrow is Bayern Munich vs. Inter Milan for the Champions League final! I am currently sitting at my desk wearing my jersey from a time long, long forgot. I am not gonna lie I am bandwagoner in the sense that my first exposure to Bayern Munich's storied history was when they last won the historic Champions League in 2001. I was studying abroad and made plans with my buddies to visit Munich and Prague. Our trip to Prague, however was canceled and we were lucky enough to bare witness to an entire city shut down for soccer. We partied, drank and celebrated Bayern Munich that night and I have been a loyal fan since. LET'S GO BAYERN. In other news I am heading off this weekend with my lady to Central Illinois again. This time to welcome two new little sprites to her family. I am hoping to introduce both to Bayern Munich!

Here are your highlights:

Financial Reform, They Did It. Question is will it be enough?

Audit Chicago, the Daley Administration shorting minority and female owned businesses

No surprise here, Conflict of interest in BP Oil Spill

London Mascots for the Olympics are WTF times a thousand

If you have Showtime, you should watch one of the greatest fight series of all time. Vazquez v. Marquez. Truly some of the best battles I have ever seen.

Paul Krugman asks if a "Lost Decade is Looming?" And he should know since he did write a book about it or two. I have been with this thought for sometime. Reading all the data is nice and academic of course, however the truth lies in unemployment and the state of the middle class. From what I can tell the Obama administration and especially Congress has moved on from all of it.


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