Friday, May 14, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

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This weekend is going to be busy! Like super busy. Lil Sis Frank is coming into town on Saturday. I am memorizing lines all weekend for a new project and then rocking out my acting skills (what little I may possess). Somewhere in there I have to get in at least four hours of workout time I missed throughout this week. Frank is not a tank right now if you know what I mean. On another note, ESPN is stupid. There analysis of Lebron James is pathetically immature, the dude is 25 his legacy is just beginning.

Here are your highlights:

The weekend Boxing round-up Khan is gonna be in there with a slick boxer, but a pillow puncher.

Good luck with that. NY Times to start charging in January.

Dorgan to filibuster?
The battle between him and Dodd is getting heated. Good for him, the time to seize the political capital on Financial Reform is now. Not "down the road."

Republicans need to read this, the political napalm that is Immigration Reform

Inhofe says US Soldiers won't die for their gay really

The number that should be on everyone's mind. 2 BILLION GALLONS. The BP Oil spill might be the biggest in history. Speculation yes, but it doesn't sound like the gaping wound is being stopped anytime soon. The recovering is going to be painstaking.


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