Friday, April 9, 2010

The Right Wing Business Plan

Is both stupid and illegal...which will probably catch on like wildfire.

Steven Benen:

Neal Boortz, a far-right radio host, argued today, "If Obama is hurting your business, and you have to lay off someone, why not lay off an Obama voter? They contributed to your problem." Boortz added, "Why should you have to provide a livelihood to someone actively working to destroy your business?"

Now, as a matter of reality, the notion that President Obama might be hurting businesses is quite foolish. It was, after all, the president's policies that rescued the economy and generated growth and job creation.

The fact that someone would even find this remotely plausible is beyond me. What kind of a boss doesn't get the basics of our current economic times? This is no longer a matter of Idiocracy, but as Benen puts it a "totalitarian worldview," and it is the very kind of nonsense the leads to 36 anti-government pipe bombs by a man on government assistance.

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