Friday, April 23, 2010

Man To Be Executed by Firing Squad

Some laws are idiotic. And some laws such as the death penalty are controversial. This, however is archaically dark:

Utah is set to execute a convicted killer by firing squad in June after a judge agreed Friday to the inmate's request for the method, renewing a debate over what critics see as an antiquated, Old West-style of justice.

Ronnie Lee Gardner, 49, was given the choice of being killed by lethal injection or shot by a five-man team of executioners firing from a set of matched rifles, a rarely used relic that harkens back to Utah's territorial history.

"I would like the firing squad, please," Gardner told State court Judge Robin Reese Friday morning, after Reese told him his avenues for appeal appear to be exhausted.

Gardner, 49, was sentenced to death for killing an attorney 25 years ago during a failed escape attempt and shootout.

Of the 35 states with the death penalty on the books, Utah is the only one to use the firing squad as a method of execution since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated capital punishment in 1976.

I understand it is Gardner's "choice", but I find it disturbing "death by firing squad" is an option in the year 2010. What is wrong these people? Of course it is video games and teh devil that are ruining real Uhmerika and making it so gosh darn violent.

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