Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Tonight is the Chicagoans Local Short showcase at the Asian American Showcase in Chicago. I will be in attendance and ready to see all the talent around our great community. The event is run by the Foundation for Asian American Independent Media and will begin at 8pm tonight. You can still get tickets at Ticketmaster, so what are you waiting for? Do it! Other than that the lady I enjoyed some lightly seasoned salmon, with mushroom rice and freshly steamed broccoli. Delicious! I think I am going to start my own cooking show: Ninjas, Knives and a ton of Sake. Here I come Food Network.

Here are your highlights:

A rhetorical shift on terrorism

Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia thinks slavery not that big a deal

10 Space Jobs, where do I sign up?

Krugman: "One side literally can't understand what the other wants"


Teabagger FAIL, St. Louis raises taxes to have better transit service

Antonio Margarito is returning to the ring. Yesterday he had his opportunity to admit his mistake or show humility after serving a year suspension for having loaded gloves. Margarito, however failed. It will take some amazing performances from Margarito to change my opinion on his integrity and his standing as a champion in boxing. As for Margarito the man, I don't think much of him right now at all.


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