Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Today is going to be rather random. I have a doctor's appointment mid-day, so I will be off the grid for quite a while. It is nothing too big, however it will probably take some time as most do. I am hoping there will be painkillers involved and lots and lots of blood...just kidding. Tomorrow I have an audition which means sucky blogging to ensue. I apologize ahead of time. It is no surprise that I am ill prepared, out of my league and oh don't really have my audition piece memorized, AWESOME!!!! Should do great!!! Aw, the musings of a starving artist in Chicago, everything is always on the brink of falling apart around you (sarcmark). I purchased Coheed & Cambria's latest Year of the Black Rainbow, listening to it now \m/ rock the eff on! Insert your own random comments here.

Here are your highlights:

Woohoo more cussing!! Rahm Emanuel wants to run for mayor in Chicago

Redskins might trade 4th pick

How not to get your point across, Gay Rights activists heckle Obama in California. Wrong person to direct rage at people. Gov't 101: pressure members of Congress who have been waffling.

Goldman Sachs hires Gregory Craig for White House Counsel
and here I thought he left the WH over principles...

A well written short piece by Doug Fischer on Edwin Valero's murder-suicide "Shaking his head." (I agree with Doug)

Video Games as Art?

On Anniversary Of Oklahoma City Bombing, Armed Right-Wing Activists Accuse Obama Of Tyranny


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