Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

So Butler lost. Barely, but they did lose. Sad day for us Duke haters and an awesome day for people who where sweaters tied around their neck and thrown over their shoulders on purpose. Sigh. Last night I had a show where I decided to make up my entire set! Fun fun fun. I must say one of the days I will sit down and write something. Tomorrow is a big day for Chicago film as the annual Asian American Showcase highlights "Local Shorts." If you are in town and looking to have a great night, visit the site and get some tickets. I will be there in my snazziest wear.

Here are your highlights:

Tragedy in West Virginia
, 25 killed in coal mines and four still missing

The Republican Party is now in an "Era of Craziness"

Nintendo in Graphics

Is Karzai playing with Fire?

Who can't wait for this trainwreck? Season 2 of Jersey Shore begins shooting GTL!!!

Another "big business pays high taxes" Mythbusted

As the Wikileaks video of Iraq/Reuters reports incident was released, the reactions have been plenty. The reality is that it brings up some troubling truths about war and Iraq. I am not going to jump to conclusions as I feel Greenwald has done, however the video is disturbing if not only for the cold heart of war.


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