Thursday, April 29, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Anybody done P-90X? Anyone? I need to get in shape hardcore people! Why? It's boating season and this year I am not putting on a bathing suit without definition of my situation. Aight! Ok, not that serious, but eventually it does look to get warmer here in Chi-City and it is time to shed the hibernation weight. In other news WTF CAPITALS?!! Really?!! Are you kidding??!!! Come on!!! Geez la weez. Pfffttt. I think Ovie wanted to take some time off early or something. I guess it is back to rooting solely for the Blackhawks. Oh and did you notice? The Champions League final is set. Inter vs. Bayern Munich. Really pumped for this match. My bro and I will be talking smack till then. BAYERN MUNCHEN!! Wow what a random bunch a babbling I just did.

Here are your highlights:

The Oil Spill in the Gulf is dead serious

Why I love Gawker...headlines like this....Now England has its very own "Joe the Plumber"

Crist an Independent Woman Man

No they aren't extreme, they are ridiculously extreme: Rep. Duncan Hunter says we should deport American-born children of undocumented immigrants. Uhmerika!

Unpack the fainting couch. Digby gives a the Republican a much need serving.

"...forcing everybody to live by rules and customs that privilege your particular perspective is just the natural thing to do" Today in Church-State news


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