Thursday, April 15, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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A Farewell to Arms
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Last night was a wonderful evening for the lady and I as we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Topolobampo. I will hold off till later in the day to give my full review, but I will say nom nom nom! This weekend is packed with birthday festivities for the lady. Cubs won yesterday, let's hope for the sweep and the winning ways continue for our visit to Wrigley on Saturday. After much discussion the lady and I can't wait to get a ballpark dog and beer. Mmmmm beeeeeeeeeeeer. Frank at work: Does it make me an alcoholic if I want one right now? I would much rather be at Wrigley right now then at work. Anyone else? Just me? Really? Oh come on people it's Thursday lighten up! End scene.

Here are your highlights:

China earthquake displaces hundreds of thousands. At least 600 dead.

Even Judd Gregg thinks McConnell and Republican rhetoric on financial reform is overdone

Wait wait, Double Down

10 ways for the stinking rich to "share their wealth"

Intriguing post: Majority of trans-racial adoptees consider themselves white

Stream Circa Survive's latest

7,500 people unknowingly sign away THEIR SOULS!!!

Foreclosures surge. Biggest jump in 5 years.
One major fail of the Obama economic team has been their unwillingness to truly address the foreclosure crisis. So much so banks have been parading about their arrogance without consequence. Sadly now it looks to be way too late for many families in America. Mission Accomplished.


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