Thursday, April 1, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Last night was great for stand up comedy. The lady and I went to see Salty Language, Peppered Morals starring Mike Stanley and saw an insightful documentary about being a road comic. Stanley is a friend of mine, so I am bias, but what really stuck out to me was how well the documentary told a comic's story. As the tag line said, "laughing is easy comedy is hard." As you watch the film you gain respect for the craft and the comedian. Three cheers to cast and crew a job well done. This weekend is Easter for you out there who celebrate the bunny. That's what it's about right? Bunny worshiping. Creepy at least there are good chocolates and Peeps for all.

Here are your highlights:

Get Your Desktop Wallpaper, artists submitted to Smashing Magazine

Ezra Klein gets pwn'd for Downplaying Nativism

C-Street is going to have to deal with the IRS one way or another

For the Lady: A perfect gift

Lt. Col Terry Lakin demands to see Obama's birth certificate before deploying a second time

Matt Taibbi is at it again, this time tell us the truth about Jefferson County

In Chicago, Chinatown urges people to fill out the Census. It is imperative to many communities across the nation. The overcrowded community is in much need of resources to help out schools and their programs. It makes the paranoia seem detrimental doesn't it?


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