Monday, April 12, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

The weekend never seems long enough. My lady and I spent Saturday at an outdoor mall where we spent more time in traffic getting there than in the mall. It was a mild success, but nice to just spend the afternoon outside amongst the surburbanites. This week hopefully will fly. Tomorrow is Drinking Liberally, Wednesday I am taking the lady to Topolabambo for an early b-day dinner then Saturday is Cubbies!! Today is opening day for the Cubs, but the lady and I will get to see our first game this Saturday against the Astros. The lady's big bday gift from her pops, 1st base line in teh sun. It should be a fantastic time!

Here are your highlights:

Robospiders will destroy us all!

Joe Lieberman the leader in ensuring America GETS MORE NUKES!

The KFC Double Down nom nom no.......heart failure in 3, 2, 1

Congrats to Andre Berto who fought and won "for Haiti"

Scary stuff: KKK membership decline is on the reverse

Recession still not over btw

Michelle Obama is heading to Mexico on her first solo trip. Much fanfare is to be expected and some are even comparing it to Jackie O's visit. Good to see a story about Michelle Obama that doesn't include her arms...


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