Friday, April 30, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Man thanks be to Jeebus it is Friday. I am exhausted. It feels like this week has dragged and I have been swamped at work leaving me quite drained. So the overall consensus was that I should a) juice my pecs and b) try teh P90x. We will see. I am not sold I can't do it another way that isn't so extreme, however I want results and from the people I know who tried...they actually did get results. The only bad part will be DRINKING less. Damnit Frank loves his beer, margaritas and wine. This is going to be tough PEOPLE.

Here are your highlights:

The Economy shows growth, but I still don't think Washington, Dems or Repubs are getting it

Whoops: Parking FAIL

Jonah Goldberg makes the worst argument against financial reform, "they have learned their lesson"

The Oil Spill is getting worse. White House smartly retreating their offshore drilling plans

Every Supreme Court Justice nominee will be Risky

Immigration Bill First Look. Here is my issue hunting human beings like animals, referring to any human being as an "alien" and wasting money on a "border force" are thus far some of the sticking points I gather from the "loose" language provided. Enforcing stricter regulations on the companies who employ undocumented immigrants is a welcomed reform. Defining a fair path to becoming a citizen would be a much welcomed reform. More to come when more is actually written.


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