Friday, April 16, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Friday = America fugg yeah! Tomorrow the lady and I head to the Cubs game. I am hoping the weather holds up and we can enjoy a day in the sun with brews, brats and baseball. The Cubs couldn't pull the sweep yesterday thanks to Samardzijasuck. But hey it's a long season! No worries from ole Frank till much much much later. In the meantime I will be rooting for my Capitals (as they don't show up ughh), looking forward to the NFL Draft and schedule release and rocking my Art Monk jersey thanks to lady. So yeah, she's a year a older and I couldn't be happier to say that I am one lucky dude. Go Cubs Go! And happy early birthday my Lady!

Here are your highlights:

Obama does the right thing, Orders hospital visitation rights for gay and lesbian couples

Goodwin Liu, the battle begins in the Senate for his confirmation. So far he is guilty of being "librul"

The Fire Next Time Krugman on a tear

Remembering Virginia Tech

Rick Perlstein on the Tax Tea Party
, probably the best explanation about them I have read in quite some time

Motherjones: How Immigration Reform Could Split the Right I don't think the Republicans are quite ready for the hailstorm that is coming there way with this particular legislation. The nativists within the Tax Tea Party and some of their more right wing members would only like to see more guns and locked borders. When the political reality of our country's growing demographics show that if you don't pass meaningful immigration reform. You are setting yourself up for failure for years to come. It's gonna be fun!!


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