Friday, April 9, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

I think I always say this, but TGIF! Man I can't get enough of that. You know what I mean, waking up and being like YES, THE WEEKEND IS AROUND THE CORNER MOTHERFUGGERS!!! Last night was a sad day for comedy in Chicago as the lady and I attended the last show of Chicago comics at the Lakeshore Theater. The weekend will close the curtain on the best venue for stand up comedy in the city. It was both hilarious and tragic. The comics were obviously mixing emotions with booze as each gave their five or so minute tribute to owner Chris Ritter, the venue and staff. Lakeshore Theater was one of those rare places that allowed comedians to become artists, hone their craft and earn their stripes opening, featuring then for the few stand out acts a headlining gig. No one does that anymore. No one. For my friends you could tell last night that they knew that all too well. We can only hope the passion, the love for comedy that Lakeshore Theater allowed to grow doesn't die. Thanks for the memories. I am pouring a 40 oz for ya!

Here are your highlights:

, the banks are still using the same reckless practices that caused the Recession

This weekend getting myself some new SWEET kicks

Teh mediduh is teh stupid. Palinizing our country is teh awful.

After causing a headache with health care reform. Barty Stupak is out of friends and will retire...karma

Speaking of retirement, Justice Stevens will retire. Let's hope for activist judges!!! (sarc mark)

This weekend Andre Berto is back in the ring. This time with a renewed spirit after spending some time in Haiti

Threats to Congress up after health care reform. Let's be honest we know which side has been behind the violent and suggestively aggressive rhetoric. This is Right Wing Xtreme and until lines like "take back our country" are taken out of inflammatory gasbags, nutjobs and politicians every day discourse it is only going to continue to get worse.


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