Monday, April 26, 2010

Fact Check This


The problem with media fact checking is that they almost immediately move to "everyone's full of it," while either nitpicking or just trying to make up falsehoods where none exist. They need to highlight clearly false claims that are actually important, instead of making the exercise unhelpful by reaching to find completely unimportant, irrelevant, or even nonexistent falsehoods.

Right. You shouldn't have to fact check facts. I would add one thing that Atrios doesn't mention. Clinton was a Democrat and therefore in the eyes of the established media his presidency had to prove itself legitimate. He spent eight years deflecting nonsense including their obsession with his underpants. The exact reverse applies to Republicans. Example: George W. Bush won and Al Gore was a poor hippie loser. It only makes sense then to see if what ole Billy said was true or not.

This type of narrative is the unfortunate norm for our media, but to even suggest it is considered tempestuous.

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