Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And Then What

This is disheartening, TPM:

The White House and Senate Democrats have somewhat different talking points, with the White House more focused on the need for swift action, two years after the financial collapse nearly brought down the U.S. economy, and Senate Democrats doing the yeoman's work of drawing a distinction between themselves, and the pro-Wall Street, status quo oriented GOP.

That's not nothing. And maybe the GOP's filibuster will fizzle. If it doesn't, Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT), the Democrats' top financial reform negotiator, says they'll continue negotiating and bring the bill up for more cloture votes, putting Republicans on the record again and again. But thus far, the response isn't shaping up to be the full frontal assault you might have been expecting.

As Josh Marshall says "Dems apparently have no Plan B." I think this is about right, although you could call "sticking your thumb up your ass" as a viable Plan B...I am sure scolding Republicans if they filibuster will make more people trust our gubbament. Good to know Democrats went from an urgency to pass reform to meh.

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