Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Selling Out Wrigley Field

(proposal illustration via the Chicago Tribune)

This is not a good idea:

The Chicago Cubs, in search of new advertising revenues, have asked the City of Chicago for permission to erect a 360-square-foot billboard above the left-field bleachers at Wrigley Field, an alderman said Wednesday.

The proposed sign would be 74 feet above the ground, altering the look of the team's historic stadium.

Because Wrigley Field is designated a landmark, new signage has to receive governmental approval. The Sun-Times first reported that the Cubs have filed a permit application with the city.
While the city has approved signage on the outfield walls and on the brick wall down the third base line, the proposed billboard is "definitely new territory," said Ald. Tom Tunney (44th ward), who oversees the ward where Wrigley Field is located.

The height of the signage will be a concern, he said. Tunney wants to make sure the proposed billboard will not block fans' views of the surrounding neighborhood.

I don't know what else to say, but NO! I understand that need to make revenue, but this will be a stain on the aesthetic of Wrigley. I attend anywhere between 5 to 10 games a season depending on scheduling. Part of the appeal of Wrigley is its throwback feel. When you enter the park you understand baseball and you understand the Cubs. Slopping some awkward advertisement would not only be tacky, but would infuriate fans like myself who come to Wrigley seeking commonplace in fandom and an escape from the normal FedEX/United/M&T Bank/CapitalOne stadiums already across the states in various sports.

Here are some alternate ways for the Cubs organization to bring in some revenue:

- Charge every idiot who walks in with racist Fukudome apparel an extra $100
- Replace the clunky tube teevees and get up to date flat screens in the park, then charge advertisers to place ads there.
- Stop making deals for the Milton Bradley's of the world
- Get companies to sponsor sections of the stadium. Those seats then are ads for that company
- Add more bleachers to that side of the field, then follow the aforementioned approach
- Charge Cardinals fans triple
- And finally buy the damn building that has the stupid Horseshoe Casino sign and get on with it!

Have any more? Let me know!

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