Friday, March 26, 2010

Gosh Darnit Those Facts Again

After all the huffing and puffing from the Right about civilian trials, the Justice Department finally got fed up and presented facts. Turns out hundreds of terrorists have been convicted in civilian trials. Pwn'd.

Greg Sargent

An extensive new chart compiled by the Obama Justice Department, drawing on Bush adminstration records, shows hundreds of terror suspects have been convicted in civilian courts — directly contradicting claims by Bush/Cheney officials to the contrary.

In recent weeks, Bush/Cheney officials have fanned out to argue that the Obama administration’s decision to try terror suspects in civilian courts is a danger to the republic. When Obama officials point out that hundreds of terrorists were successfully prosecuted that way under Bush, the Bushies and Cheneyites have dismissed the claim as bunk.

Now, in its most comprehensive pushback to date, the Justice Department has produced a detailed accounting of hundreds of such prosecutions in chart form. It was sent over by a source and can be viewed right here

Chalk this up to more 9-11 dot com nonsense. Wonder what Rudy G will go on tv for now? Oh that's right hasn't stopped him before. Sigh* just more fear the brown people.

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