Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Tonight is a big night for a comedic brother in arms. Mike Stanley will be premiering a documentary starring himself called, "Salty Language, Peppered Morals" at the Lakeshore Theater. It was filmed by Andrew Zeiter and follows Stanley through the trials and tribulations of comic on his way to compete for $10,000 in the Boston Comedy Festival. This is a big moment for Mike Stanley, so if you get a chance come out and support one of the best comics in Chicago, plus it is free. I have heard great things about the documentary as it gives a realistic take on the hardships of a comic grinder and it also will include live stand-up by Mike Stanley, James Fritz and Brendan McGowan. Solid stuff. A couple of more days to plug through this week and then a trip to the lady's for Easter. Almost to the home stretch.

Here are your highlights:

Sarah Palin isn't inciting violence....she is inciting confrontation. Two different things.

The best 10 year old basketball player in America is silly good

Obama outlining new off shore drilling...not so easy being green

For all you tech geeks, Ipad buying guide

Shoot the Looters

BLACKEST NIGHT!!!! The final issue comes out today and I am heading to the local Evanston Comic book store hoping they aren't sold out by my lunch break. Is there anything else important going on, NOT THIS IMPORTANT!


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