Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Not feeling good today. Better than yesterday, but now I am hacking up something awful. I can function hence the reason I am here, blogging away, but it is no fun. Don't think I slept much either. Awesome. It is St. Patrick's Day! This will be the first year since moving to Chicago that I won't be participating as my current condition won't allow me. Since I live in Chicago though the festivities started the moment it was March and probably won't end till it is April, so I am sure I will get my catch up time somewhere. As you can tell I am kind of scattered and all over the place. But I will rage on cuz that's how I roll.

Here are your highlights:

CNN stooping to new hiring lows. I am not sure what kind of job has one of their requirements as "have you called a Supreme Court Justice a goat f**ker?" But apparently that is the standard set at CNN.

A lesson in Republican governing, Good Luck New Jersey...You Voted For Him

Hawaii is fed up

Ummmmm Facebook up to some shady bizznezz, Racebending taken down

Captain America Rumors: Channing Tatum? Oh christ, this makes no sense unless you think Steve Rogers is a dancing, hip hop talking, B actor. Might as well just re-cast the douche from Revenge of the Nerds.

Moderate Dems are waffling while people suffer. Example: California where 1 in 4 now lack proper health care coverage. Note to waffling Dems who say they get calls from their constituents trying to kill the bill...YOUR CONSTITUENTS ARE WRONG


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