Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

It is the end of March. Phew. Man oh man now if only the wedder man is wight. Sowy. What happened there? Man oh man if only the weather man is right. 60's today, 70's tomorrow and through the week. It is a much needed glance at what Spring may bring. The lady and I were enamored last night with Chuck and Castle. Both quality episodes that had us at the edge of our Monday night seats. I made a Teriyaki chicken with fried rice (pre-made not enough time to cook fresh) and spiced everything up with Siracha. Pretty awesome and all under 30 minutes, if you leave out the marinating of the chicken. I think over the next couple of months I am going to try to perfect my own version of Siracha, the heat is perfect in that sauce, but adding some sweet to it would better suit the lady and I's palettes. I feel so Bobby Flay right now.

Here are your highlights:

Blanche has blanched herself

Who wants single payer? I do and these kids

The Coolest Concept Albums

Elizabeth Warren, our last great hope. Banking on hypocrisy

Asian carp in Lake Michigan MIA?

Is Obama trying to pull punches early for the elections in 2012? Certainly his has pinned Mitt Romney in a corner and I doubt the baby likes it very much.


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