Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I feel better today than I did yesterday. That's a plus, what's not a plus is that Castle last night was a re-run and although I appreciate the beauty of one Alyssa Milano it put a damper on my evening. It should be a rule that any show as fun to watch as Chuck or Castle runs straight through its season. Even if the Super Bowl is supposed to air. Believe you me I would DVR the Super Bowl (unless of course the Redskins were playing) and watch Chuck and Castle. It's not to say other shows out there don't offer the same substance, but I can't think of any shows sans Food Network that consistently deliver. AND don't try to argue that against me, you will lose just like the Ring will lose to Charles Carmichael and just like Castle and Beckett will eventually get together.

Here are your highlights:

Netanyahu's Blunder

Pelosi's Plan to get the bill passed. "Deem and Pass"

Brown v. Board under assault?

Something the teabaggers should rally around, American brands not made in America

The Purple-bracelet-gate that wasn't

In Chicago, a how to on how NOT to educate. Class sizes might hit 37

Yo I got my Ipad! And it is blingin. Here is the thing, I am going to purchase an Ipad in the future. I have been anticipating this reader/touch screen laptop for quite some time. It fits into my lifestyle. I commute to work by CTA or Metra. My rides can be long, but I always get a seat, so in theory the Ipad fits into how I commute and communicate. I don't need phone capabilities of the Iphone ( I prefer Verizon), plus I have larger hands which means this touch screen might better suit me anyway. If I am the only who packs one I am fine with that.


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