Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Drinking Liberally tonight and it is going to be a barn burner. Or maybe just a bunch of nerds and dorks discussing the latest in internet trends. Meh. We will see. I am excited though, I missed DL the last time because I was soaking up the sun in San Diego. The lady and I have been plotting are next trip already. Spring forward happens this weekend, it is supposed to hit 50 in Chicago sooner than later and DAMNIT I AM READY! I need to be on a boat relaxing with my lady. I need to be speeding about in a smaller boat while sipping a domestic. I need. I need. I need summer and people dancing down the streets with me while I wear a sweater vest.

Here are your highlights:

Fired up and ready to go. Obama stumping for Health Care, yet again. "If not now, then when?"

The Washington Post has slowly but surely become god awful. The high standards there are unfathomable.

Boxing Round Up, Pac-Monster this weekend

Stop this b.s. it lacks any kind of rationale and I can't stress this enough Kucinich is just plain wrong

Feds Move to Break Voting Machine Monopoly

Rush Limbaugh gives us one more grand reason to pass health care reform...He'll leave the Country! Now if only he could sell his tacky ass penthouse...



sterno said...

Kucinich wrong? The guy who believes we should establish a Ministry of Peace is wrong? I find that hard to believe :)

I like Kucinich for one thing: he establishes what a crazy liberal is in the Democratic party. When people call Obama a socialist I'm like, dude, you missed the Gollum looking guy over there who's the real deal.

Having now thoroughly insulted him, I honestly don't know if he's right or wrong on this. I make it a policy to hold a position on just about any political issue even if I ultimately change it later. On health care, I really don't know.

On the one hand, passing the bill may make some genuine improvements. It's hard to tell though. I can point to as many bad things as good things in it, and I can say for certain that it largely retains the broken system we have even if it applies a bunch of possibly good patches to it.

On the other hand, if it didn't pass, while I admit there would be catastrophic political consequences for Democrats, in the long run it might be better. Without any kind of solution on the table there might be a fire under out collective ass to really get this done right in spite of the health insurance industry's efforts to stop it.

Honestly I'm just a bit despondent about the whole thing. This has done more to convince me that our system is beyond fixing than anything else. The public option is broadly popular and even when I talk to conservatives they think it's a reasonable thing. My father, conservative as he is, thinks it's perfectly reasonably for me to buy into the same health care he gets.

If something that is:

1) Good for the health care system
2) Broadly popular across the political spectrum

cannot pass, then my only conclusion can be that we've been sold out and that we're pretty well and truly screwed.

So while passing this frankensteinian health care patch job might make things a little better, I do wonder if perhaps having the whole thing fail might do more to wake this country up and really begin to fix things.

As bad as the last couple of years have been, I feel like nothing's going to change until it gets even worse. And all signs point to that being the case...

God I need a drink :)

Asian-American Pundit said...

We both need drinks and I suggest we do it liberally!