Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

It is a busy day at the ole office. I will be running around rabid and such, hopefully I get enough time to RAGE THE EFF ON. I stayed late last night to do some design work still trying to hammer out some kinks on a couple of logo designs for friends. Damn it is a brain melt. I keep searching for inspiration, but it really is few and far between. Oh well. Will keep on keepin. Expect more of the same sucky blogging you have come to LOVE!

Here are your highlights:

Jay Leno still a dick

In Texas it is going to be a primary dance party

John...YOO LIE!

67 Million Year Old Snake ate Baby Dinosaurs

They just don't care about the unemployed. In fact the unemployed are a bunch of "hobos"

Our. Senate. Is. A. Joke. Consumer Protection is of no concern, Financial Reform doomed as it ever was- this seems like a bill worth killing


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