Thursday, March 25, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Yesterday was an interesting one to say the least. I had my call back for some unnamed tv show. It went okay until the part where me and some other guy were supposed to improv a "discussion" about a topic. As we began the dude went into his routine. Literally every word that came out of his mouth was like scripted Vince Vaughn-esqe stuff. So much for working together, having a discussion or you know improv-ing. Oh well it served him well as you can't fault a guy for sticking to his guns. It was only my third call back of this magnitude, so I would chalk it up to a good learning experience. Never expect the other guy to be a team player, lesson learned. The lady is still fighting a cold. We are going to be keeping it chill tonight and probably the rest of the weekend. I might try to bball this weekend and cough out whatever I have left from my cold last week. All in all. Yesterday was weird, tiring and glad the weekend is around the corner.

Here are your highlights:

Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal gets movement

John McCain equivalent to a six year old child

Thiessen flat out liar

WOW. Creepy, Meg from Family Guy in real life

The Village dislikes Christiane Amanpour which is a good thing

Dem Reps receive faxes with a noose, the violent rhetoric leads to violence who would have thought? Another member had his brother's gas line cut. The GOP continues to spew lies, ratchets up their fringe base and appeasl to the most extreme elements of their party. They say they denounce such activity then go on and on about repeal, bankrupting children, a gubbament takeover and the loss of freedom. You can't have it both ways and this has to stop. It is beyond reprehensible, there has to be some talk back, but it doesn't look like the Republicans are grown up enough to do that. This does not look to end well.


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