Thursday, March 18, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Flash Forward is back today with a two hour lead in for the continuation of the season. I am kind of pumped. When we left off there were more questions than answers and it seemed like destiny was going to get the best of our lead characters. YO DOCTOR LADY HOW YOU GONNA CHEAT ON YOUR HUBBY!?! Anyway, if the lady I get back from visiting family in time, we are going to kick back and watch. This weekend we are heading to Champaign to celebrate babies. Yes people are having babies. Lots of babies. Not Jon & Kate babies, but babies. Should be fun as it is a joint shower for men and women, plus there is booze, so what could go wrong? Haha. I am I'm not.

Here are your highlights:

The Party of the Year
I wish I was invited to

Power Plant not sorry for poisoning Ohio

Obama to sign Job Bills that doesn't really create jobs

CBO delivers the long awaited score on the Health Care Reform bill. No excuses Pass.The.Damn.Bill.

Advice for the Right Wing, "Do a Google"

30 Millions Reasons. The Nation leads the progressive way forward for health care reform and reminds us the importance of passing the legislation. If the bill is passed, it is not the ending it is the beginning. The Democratic Party and Obama will have a victory under their belts (America loves Winners), the Democratic base will start catching fire and then we really fight for Medicare for All.


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