Thursday, March 11, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

I can't get up in the morning. Not like a normal morning time I am talking about 5am. Tried on Tuesday. FAIL. Tried today. FAIL. Perhaps because it is still gloomy out at 5am and shady. The lady is hoping this will change with the Spring forward clock thingy, me too. I need to get up and work out. Our gym, as I have mentioned before, is way too busy when I get off work. Getting to the gym in the morning would also allow more time in the evening to wind down or wind up for shows. In other words I am really looking forward to this weekend. Right now I am still trying to wake the eff up.

Here are your highlights:

Probably one of our biggest failings since 9/11, not building the World Trade Centers back up. Calling it the "heart of the city" though is just plain false. More

Israel still an issue

Did Glenn Beck get punked?

Uh-oh a homegrown white jihadist...right wing head explosion in 3,2,1...wonder if Malkin and her ilk still think racial profiling is a-ok.

Captain America the BULLET! equals dodged

CBO scored the Senate Hill bill again
. Pretty much the same from what I can tell.

Sen. John Ensign his emails give insight to his cover up and affair. Wonder if this will make Fox News? Will I see this on the Today show for the next three weeks? Will we see exclusive interviews with every woman he has ever slept with? Headlines! Scandal! Is his wife eating a hot dog because she is depressed?! I am sorry, wait...apologies, Ensign sucks at golf.


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