Monday, March 22, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

It is a brand new day. Health Care Reform passed the House with the reconciliation fixes and there is cause for much rejoicing (and a huge sigh of relief). Now it is the Senate's turn to finish the job and then finally the bill will be sent to President Obama's desk to be signed into law. It has been a long fought battle, one with many unforeseen twists and turns, but ultimately what matters is that the bill passed. And history will be kind to the result. There is much to improve on the bill and so even though I woke up today with an extra skip in my step, I know this is far from over. Nonetheless, hope can be a great thing as it is no longer "Yes We Can!", but "Yes We Did!" On a personal note, I am feeling better. The cough is still lingering in my chest. Over the weekend the baby shower was a monumental success, my lady and I are glad to be back in Chicago and unfortunately she got what I have had. Lots of OJ and green tea this week!

Here are your highlights:

Top Ten immediate Benefits
once health care reform is signed

Start stockpiling your bunkers. Large Hardon Collider Triples Its Own Record

Also Student Loan Reform passed, this is a good thing

What did the Dems give up for Stupak? Well...nothing

Dems who voted no deserve primaries

One of the greatest inventions ever!!!

I guess since there wasn't anyone holding up an Obama Hitler sign, you won't hear much about this, but the next fight is Immigration Reform and thousands marched on Washington yesterday in support of it.


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