Monday, March 15, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

(on my ipod this morning)

It was a quick paced and friendly weekend and then I got sick. I did, however make it through Dim Sum in Chinatown which was crucial. But then it hit me. I have felt like I was fighting off a cold for the past week or so. Finally later in the afternoon on Sunday "boom went the dynamite." Not too bad just rather fatigued, mucus filled coughing and random body temperature changes. Luckily for me (knock on wood) I have an arsenal of Vitamin C by my desk and a lovely lady who pampers me. Speaking of sick anyone tired of the health care reform waffling and the game of public option "hot potato?" I know I sure am. So to beat a dead horse, Pass.The.Damn.Bill.

Here are your highlights:

March Madness begins. But Illinois and Rhode Island were snubbed. Total b.s. No reason not to believe Kansas won't go all the way.

Drifty, Sunday Morning Come Down

It is safe to say Israel is not acting in good faith

Questions of the decade: Why do we have military contractors?

MAGIC! Turn any can into a mug

Texas messes with history. Houston and the US we have a problem. This might be the biggest stroke of ignorance is some time. For all the flack that school got for "indoctrinating our children" with Obama songs this is much worse. MUCH WORSE. It begins with; erasing Thomas Jefferson and instead embracing Jefferson Davis, forgetting FDR and worshiping Ronny, changing the influential members in the Civil Rights movement and changing capitalism to "free enterprise." Someone remind me why we don't let Texas secede?


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