Monday, March 8, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

(missed this fight over the weekend, round 8 Alexander lands a sick uppercut. heckuva job looking forward to more of his fights)

It is a tried and true fact, that I am back and out performing again. Last night kicked it off with a sweet show at Town Hall Pub. Eff the Oscars. It was a great crowd and a great show. I had a great time drinking, singing and rocking. The lady and I this weekend did some suburban shopping. We found a couple of things that filled our retail therapy fix. We also had the pleasure of doing a read through of our friend's screenplay which is in its final stages of development. It was a funny and heartfelt story that we read while enjoying Dunkin Donuts and MIMOSAS! I don't know about you, but that is how every single day should start. Do I have problem? Probably...because I don't start every morning with MIMOSAS!

Here are your highlights:

Blackwater back by another name and getting rewarded with money!

Insight into the mind of the GOP, they don't care about the unemployed

John Chait is shrill, more of this please. Every time a journo is dishonest or plays the "slant" game. Call. Them. Out.

The glaciers are bleeding

Campaign 2012. Same as it ever was, Mitt Romney says Obama likes 9/11 Truthers?

Your next faux-controversy, Obama didn't say "God Bless America". One thing this humorous post suggests and all Democrats should note: those who criticize you and hate you are ALWAYS going to hate you. Once the Democrats figure out that the right wing noise machine is just that and has no intention on being bipartisan in any sort of way our country will be much better off.


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