Friday, March 26, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

This week took foreverrrrr. Like forrreeeveerrrrrr. Dear God. Congrats to Butler, they played their style of basketball and pulled off the mighty upset. I would suggest people start touting Butler as the mid-major of the future and Gonzaga as just another team. You heard it here first! This weekend is going to be chill city. The lady and I are cat-sitting for some friends and plan on keeping it low key. She is still under the weather. We did conclude though shopping for a new mattress is probably in the cards. Maybe Bed Bath & Beyond, don't know if we will have enough time...

Here are your highlights:

How the Catholic church could end its sex scandal

It is nice to say, health care reform passed with a Finishing Touch

Erick Erickson on CNN, might be a good thing
as it will expose many people to how vile he and his ilk really are...

Recess appointments = good idea

How to get down at a wedding, Camera Flask!

No Taxes Paid by Big Banks, want to know why we need tax reform and financial reform-look no further. So when people start giving you the line that too many taxes are hurting American businesses they are full of it. Seriously this is ridonkulous. Yes I said ridonkulous.


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