Friday, March 19, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

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This will probably my only post of the day unless something monumental happens. I decided to stay home and finally just chill out in my coldness. Throat is scratchy, fatigued, but manageable. I have come to the conclusion if I just keep overdosing on Vitamin C eventually my immune system will win the battle. On another note John Stewart really out did himself here. He goes on for a good ten minutes in one of the best satirical comedic routines I have seen in a long time. When all this is said and done. When Glenn Beck finally is put on local cable access where he belongs. We all will have John Stewart to remind us sane people, everything eventually works itself out.

Here are your highlights:

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Who is in play in the Health Care Bill talks

The Tax Tea Party doesn't understand taxes...embracing ignorance

Boeing complete shipboard super laser, Pew Pew!

Why we Reform

March Madness was indeed MAD

Still not doing enough on jobs

TREASON! TYRANNY!! Remember any one during the Bush years and I mean anyone who mention perhaps the administration didn't have the US's best interests in mind or perhaps were lying about the Iraq war was unpatriotic. You shouted down or considered an enemy of the state. Now as Obama moves into his second year Rampant Patriotism Breaches on America's Right.


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