Friday, March 12, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

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This morning I visited the doctor, hence the late Dunkin post. I have been dealing with several different small things for the past two years or so and had to check in with the MD. It was rather basic stuff although it seems redundant going back each time I need referrals. Hello, health care reform. I will now be heading to physical therapy for probably at least three months to ease discomfort caused by bone spurs on my spine. The doctor suggested I calm down my workouts and focus on PT. I was trying to "juice my pecs" too much apparently. Not too down about this, sadly I have gotten used to it. I was feeling better this fall, joined a gym, started working out again and then my discomfort came back. I can't move my head too far to the right, my left arm goes numb or tingles and it ain't fun. I did make a joke in passing about health care reform to my doctor because I have to wait for my referrals. He laughed and said "it needs an entire change from top to bottom and doctors aren't helping either." If only our flaky Democratic Congress could understand that.

Here are your highlights:

Possible Fight of the Year? Pacquiao faces off against Clottey in the new Dallas Stadium (I am going with Pac-Monster late stoppage)

First Look: American- The Bill Hicks Story

You will never be a Physicist or a Jedi

Student Loan Reform, the Republicans hypocrisy is on full display "bankrupting our children"

San Fran peeps, Asian-American Film Festival begins tonight!

The latest from the spineless. Rep. Gutierrez & Rep. Chandler
. Look if you are entire reason for saying no to the Senate bill is immigration, abortion or the bill is not progressive enough. You are a fraud, you don't care or you are unbelievably delusion. Passing this legislation will be the biggest step in the right direction of health care reform in America. It is one step. Not passing anything... well how do you explain that to the 30 million or so uninsured? It is simply unwise and immoral.


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